Monday, November 9, 2009

Thunderbird 2

I have installed my first ever my desk, with the plan to upgrade its harddisk because the current capacity is only 40GB. The current OS is Win XP Home Edition SP3. The main reason why I didn't use Ubuntu straight away is that I don't have the installed CD in my hand, as well as the Windows version is included in my purchased package. Hmm, other confuse related to the hardware driver and my limited available storage.

The plus point in the current step is that I have used OpenOffice 3.0 and Thunderbird 2 instead of MS Office 2007.

The configuration of my Uskode mail and Thunderbird is provided in below link, which I find difficult to pursue without the instructions.

You can see that Google now is built on python script. Glad to know that also.

Just finish up the stupid converting database task due today. Feel so free. In the website I'm doing, all data passing between the server and the client sides is formatted under JSON. JSON is so simple to use. I have also learnt how to use phpThumb open source library to create thumbnail for web images. I'm going to use it for my PES formation display later J

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Selling my most favourite smart-phone ever

Due to some financial issues, I have to sell it. But in my mind, I hope that no one gonna buy it, haha.

During the time using it, I have installed on it some of my favourite game like Bejeweled or Mummy Maze, so sad that I can't use it for longer time. I don't know why I feel I need to sell it. But sometimes, when I feel I need to do something, then I usually just go ahead without thinking carefully about the pros and cons. I hope I could buy another smart-phone in the future, such as Blackberry or iPhone, or another HTC maybe.

One of the main reasons for the demanding of cash is that I will take GRE next February with the exhausted hope for improving my sucked English. Honestly, I have always tried to prove to others that I'm not that bad. I try to change my sucked accent, try to speak with slow and clear articulation. But even though how hard I tried, I can never prove it to myself. But don't worry, I will change.

But one good news, I have successfully bidden a desktop in school for a cheap price. It's cheap because the package includes the 17" LCD monitor. Haha, finally I can have my own desktop and I intend to install Ubuntu. It's my first step to divorce Windows and Microsoft-related stuff. I'm kind of anti-Microsoft haha.

My next post is about my study on Ubuntu and Linux-related knowledge, in which I'm such an amateur. Hmm, I will also try to use GRE words for posting also haha