Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Selling my most favourite smart-phone ever

Due to some financial issues, I have to sell it. But in my mind, I hope that no one gonna buy it, haha.

During the time using it, I have installed on it some of my favourite game like Bejeweled or Mummy Maze, so sad that I can't use it for longer time. I don't know why I feel I need to sell it. But sometimes, when I feel I need to do something, then I usually just go ahead without thinking carefully about the pros and cons. I hope I could buy another smart-phone in the future, such as Blackberry or iPhone, or another HTC maybe.

One of the main reasons for the demanding of cash is that I will take GRE next February with the exhausted hope for improving my sucked English. Honestly, I have always tried to prove to others that I'm not that bad. I try to change my sucked accent, try to speak with slow and clear articulation. But even though how hard I tried, I can never prove it to myself. But don't worry, I will change.

But one good news, I have successfully bidden a desktop in school for a cheap price. It's cheap because the package includes the 17" LCD monitor. Haha, finally I can have my own desktop and I intend to install Ubuntu. It's my first step to divorce Windows and Microsoft-related stuff. I'm kind of anti-Microsoft haha.

My next post is about my study on Ubuntu and Linux-related knowledge, in which I'm such an amateur. Hmm, I will also try to use GRE words for posting also haha


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